I Dare You Not to Cry

Is it the acoustics? The spontaneity? The blending of voices? I don’t know – but I loved this.

Any Shiny Thing

Every night of the All State Choir conference at about 11pm, everyone comes out to the balconies of the 18 story Hyatt hotel to sing the National Anthem
© 2013 Ben Vivona

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23 thoughts on “I Dare You Not to Cry”

  1. OMG I usually cry when I hear the National Anthem anyway-I’m such a sap–but this really did me in. For me I think it is just the spontaneity and feeling of belonging, bringing lots of different people together, if even for a moment…

      1. I see…listening now. Oh Wow. Thank you Mim. What an amazing, stunning, goosepimply, spectacle. WOW. Now please excuse…must go find a tissue.

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