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If The Mountain Won’t Come To The Sirs…

…one brings the Sirs to the mountains.  We came up here last night to check on a heating system which I left in a questionable state on Wednesday and a pending installation of shades and blinds.  Up here, you leave a house key at the lodge and people come and go whether or not you’re around.  A little strange for me, but a little instructive too.  No one trashed the house, took anything, scratched any walls.  They do their thing and they leave.  I like being a part of a community that trusts that much.

True, I felt a bit like the theme from “Deliverance” should have played when I stopped at a guns and ammo shack last night to pick up some milk. No, there’s no Seven-Eleven.  Two guys dressed in camo behind the counter, one needing dental work, the other needing a haircut.  “Can we get somethin’ for ya, ma’am?”  They were really very sweet, despite my discomfort with standing in the midst of a veritable arsenal of hunting stuff and snuff with one quart of milk behind multiple six packs of beer.

Anyway, other than Bogey throwing up in my lap, Teddy shaking and panting for the first hour of the trip (even though he had on his Thunder-Shirt) and Archie desperately trying to figure out the benefits of lying down, no, standing, lying down…um, standing up, it was a decent trip.  Now these guys are not exactly urban dogs – our house sits on a bit of land, they have chased their share of deer (well, Bogey hasn’t – he barks and then runs behind my legs), smelled the unmistakable markings of a fox, rolled in enough strange animal excrement to make dog shampoo a staple under the sink.  But now we’re in the mountains – bears, deer that are far larger than the ones back home, bobcats – probably tigers and rhinos too. “Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” meets “Robin Hood”.

They jumped out of the car and into the leaves – noses down, tails up and ears on high alert.  I was just imploring them to stay where I could see them and do their business.  They were tentative for a nanosecond, but their curiosity prevailed – where the hell were they?  These smells, the sounds – they needed to go in and out of the house at least ten times before settling down to a thorough exploration of the house.  Bogey – Bogey, the juvenile delinquent of puppies if ever there was one, proceeded to look for something to get into or chew that would guarantee a chase around the house (he chose one of my shoes).  Happily, he soon discovered himself in a mirror, which captured his attention far longer than any other activity of the evening.  If he wasn’t so ridiculously cute, I would be looking into canine reform schools.

The sun is rising in a pink and blue sky, the Sirs are currently sleeping after a couple of vigorous explorations of the great outdoors and the coffee is burning my tongue.  So far, so good.  Bogey hasn’t found any desiccated frogs to bring into the house, Archie hasn’t run off in an intrepid search of the neighborhood and Teddy with his characteristic maturity is just stickin’ close to me.  If the day continues to unfold this way, I think it’ll be a far better introduction to the mountains than either Andy or I anticipated.  Of course, it’s still early.


47 thoughts on “If The Mountain Won’t Come To The Sirs…”

    1. Laughing – you think? Really there is civilization around – (UVA and Charlottesville are close by) – it all depends which road you take. Clearly we took a back road..

    1. Well, I’ve just chased after three wild pups as they ran down the street (fortunately there’s no traffic here, but their collective understanding of their names and the word “come” has clearly been impacted by the altitude). Grrrr….

  1. That was brilliant! I loved it. Every word of it ran true to my life. We live in the country with scary wild animals and guns going off. Molly wears a Thunder Shirt and won’t lie down. Libby, our 4 month old puppy is ..well a 4 month old puppy. This is all getting rolled up into a small motorhome come Monday. Three weeks of fun times on the road. I read your blog to my husband just so he knows other people are crazy too.

    1. Laughing – and all this time I thought I was the only one who wore the definition of ‘nuts’ tattooed under my bangs!! All of you in a motor home for a road trip!! I can’t wait to read your travelogue! Have a great time!!

  2. I don’t know why, but the theme song for Green Acres is playing in my head. Enjoy your adventures and remember little boys and little boy puppies LOVE finding all sorts of treasures in the mountains. My son once smuggled a garden snake home in his pocket and took it out while we were driving on the Turnpike, so make sure you check Boggey before he gets in the car.

    1. OMG – it would be so like Bogey to bring in a snake – he did that at home (but the snake was already dead). This is going to be a crazy couple of days! And yes, there is a bit of Green Acres running through my head – though I lack Eva Gabor’s glamour and Andy looks nothing like Eddie Albert.. 😉

  3. What a visual. Once the Sirs get used to the serenity, calm and peace provided by the back drop of the majestic Blue Ridge, they will settle in to this house that you and Andy have already made into a home. It is warm and inviting; embraces one like a favorite blanket, envelops one like a favorite book and reminds one of the physical beauty that is present here in the USA . The jury is still out on Bogey, tho’, he’ll adjust but I can see his “adjustment” looking very different from his brothers. As l long as Archie has his back… I don’t think you’ll see him swinging from vines a la Tarzan, but having met him and fallen instantly in love; nonetheless, it is a scenario I wouldn’t rule out just yet nor would I start searching for JD schools for dogs. He’ll grow into his energy. He may not always follow the rules but he will always have your heart. (and some rules are meant to be broken – says the older and wiser me). Wishing you and your brood an adventurous weekend full of new discoveries and hoping they don’t include guns and ammo stores at dusk 🙂 Welcome home, boys, welcome home.

    1. The fur-kids thank you for your generosity Jo – though after returning from a run down the road to try and herd them back to the house, I think the beauty of the mountains will inspire their animal spirit rather than their calm. It’s a far different level of activity than when you and I were here…<3

      1. The upside is that you may never have to go to the gym again 🙂 Hope you get a chance to rest. I had the most beautiful 4 days – I wish my “nephews” the same. And, please tell them if they wear out their mother, they WILL have to deal with their aunt. Love to all every day.

      2. I’ll definitely tell them..their mom is coming down with a cold so my energy level is just not there today. I am thrilled that you had a chance to be here with me and can’t wait for you to come back..xoxox

  4. Bogey sounds hilarious, Mimi, if not a little slow! We live up in the Rockies with lions and tigers and bears, therefore our boys (kitties as you probably know) never go out! A pack of dogs, even small ones, would fare a bit better. I’m glad their introduction to the new mountain home went relatively smoothly and I suspect they’ll sleep more today, having exhausted their sniffers! Have nice weekend, dear Mimi.

    1. Oh Cathy, I can only hope that all this adventure exhausts them – because they are totally exhausting me and it’s not even 10AM!! And definitely, if we had kitties they would definitely be indoor pets – I would be as concerned as you about their safety if outdoors. I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend, with the splendor of the Rockies at your doorstep..Mimi

  5. Ohhh, this did my heart good! The Sirs are such angels and Bogey is, well, Bogey. 🙂

    It’s good to hear that the boys are ‘breaking in’ the country home in their inimitable style. Let’s just hope that they don’t make mom do too many 100-yard dashes to corral their exuberance….

    Have a great weekend honey, and kiss the crew for me….xoxox, l

    1. They send you tons of puppy licks and tail wags. And yes, we now refer to Bogey as “The Bog-e-lator” because he approaches everything as The Terminator – it will be chewed, destroyed or devoured before you blink your eyes! Of course he’s far far cuter and gets away with all of it – including having me yelling, huffing and puffing at the same time in this unforgiving game of ‘catch me’…xoox

  6. Love Harry Nilsson! Tragic life, but so much talent. Hadn’t seen that clip–thanks for sharing as how can you not grin while watching? Adds a great visual to your stories. Enjoy that wilderness, Mimi. Also, Green Acres is a favorite. My husband and I are a lot like Eva and Eddie’s characters, but you mentioned having both of them as part of who you are. Totally explains why you’re so much fun 😀

    1. That video clip is from the movie “The Point” by Nilsson – and it’s still one of my favorite fables of all time (with some great music and characters too)…I’m not surprised that you and I share some personality characteristics!!

  7. New York is where I’d rather stay, I get allergic smelling hay…oops, all that talk of Green Acres…

    Great visuals Mimi, but for the love of everything good and right in this world, pics of The Sirs? Please?

    1. Which part was the best? Bogey losing his lunch on my lap? Just kidding..:-) It really is amazing how trusting everyone is around here. And on some level, it’s a wonderful thought – that there are actually places in our world where people actually believe the best about each other (even if they do hunt – which I just can’t see).

  8. I really enjoyed reading this … but this was especially delicious and telling, “The sun is rising in a pink and blue sky, the Sirs are currently sleeping after a couple of vigorous explorations of the great outdoors and the coffee is burning my tongue. So far, so good.” 🙂

    Happy adventuring!

  9. Once again you made me giggle! My life is camo and ammo. So far the girls have only brought in frogs and cicadas….but there is a reason I have no doggie door at our house. 🙂 Sounds like a wonderful getaway place, Mimi. Seriously…keep your pups close in the evening. Raccoons are wicked….and skunks….well…. Love your adventures and especially appreciate how you love your babies. ♥

    1. We have no doggie door back home for similar reasons (our house is in the woods, albeit more urban in location). Thanks for the heads up about the raccoons – totally paced on them!! And I am totally in love with these guys – and they know it! ❤

  10. OMG, what an adventure. As I was reading the “Deliverance” part, I could feel myself saying “I wanna go back home…now!” Good luck to you in your new surroundings. I’m sure it is just beautiful (minus the Deliverance episode). 🙂

    1. It’s really beautiful – minus the Deliverance part – it is providing a wonderful getaway. Though I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I love our ‘regular’ home too – very much..

  11. Cute Mimi…I can just see your little guys. Sounds a bit like my home village experience too. We leave our keys or our packages or our notes at the little store in the center of town for our friends to pick up. You could also pick up the keys to any town building there!

  12. Man, those dogs sound like a whole lot of fun! I just adore how animals act–so unaware of themselves–in the manner of kids.

    You described your perfect morning so perfectly, I was actually deciding to get up and explore my “Steven King’ish” surroundings right along with you.

    It sounds…like NO sounds other than the best ones: nature, birdsong, barking and heartbeats.

    Have a splen-dee-rif-us day!!

  13. Just love this it’s simplicity, in it’s ‘this is real life’ and in it’s ‘stuff and snuff’ kind of way! I remember once, while living there, driving from No. VA to Virginia Beach and stopping in at a little quick-stop kind of place along the way and having the kind of experience you describe!! Down to the overalls, dental situation and the hair. It’s that ‘we’re not in Kansas anymore’ feeling. I am glad the Sirs had their maiden voyage to the mountains, the first of many good times there! xoxo

    1. They had a ball BonBon!! I wish I knew what was going through their heads as they sniffed all the new smells. But they fell asleep at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon at their ‘regular’ home and didn’t awake until 5AM!!! xoxo

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