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Guest Blogger – Sir Bogart

Hi all,

Thank you all for giving me such a warm welcome – you are all way nicer than my brothers  (well, they’re nice some of the time, but they seem a little moody to me)!!!  Anyway, I’ve been here four full days now and I have learned an awful lot about life in the kingdom.

I know where my food is


I’ve been accident-free for two days – which seems to be a major cause of celebration for my mom, she keeps kissing me and telling me what a good boy I am every time I take care of business outside.  It seems a little excessive, but I humor her.


My brother takes offense if I get too close to areas I find interesting to sniff…


But he will now allow me to hang with him if I respect his space and keep my nose to myself.  The guy doesn’t know how to have any fun.


Size seems to matter – Sir Archie takes my toys, but if I try to take one of his – whoa…I am plotting my revenge.

Mom doesn’t like having her toes bitten – what’s up with that?


And the King thinks I’m perfect.  In truth I think he’s got enormous potential and I’m sucking up to him for all it’s worth.  I would say I’m making a ton of progress, wouldn’t you?


40 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Sir Bogart”

    1. Other than my own meltdown two days ago (a combination of no sleep and a gnawing fear that I don’t have the stamina for training another dog at this point in my life) I have to say he’s been very very easy – and if he’s got this whole potty thing down this soon, then I would say he’s almost ready for grad school – the little genius..;-)

      1. I understand how ecstatic you would be once he is potty trained–that is the thing that would drive me to distraction–so he seems to be making the grade there, plus he is so cute you could almost forgive him for indiscretions–this is not the same but I remember when my second son was born the only thing I dreaded was potty training!

      2. I was a single mom when I was potty training the boys..and I was really lucky – they both got it down with out a problem. Of course, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, so they get all the credit for figuring it out, for it certainly couldn’t be attributable to my confident instructive technique! 😉

      3. Single moms are superheroes in my book!
        When I was going through potty training with my eldest I spoke to my doctor about it and he comforted me with this funny statement: “You don’t see anyone in high school who isn’t potty trained, do you?” I thought this was hilarious and it helped me relax

  1. Started the day with a big smile and I haven’t even met my newest friend yet. A pictures worth a thousand words. I’m in love for sure. A genius and a charmer; quite the perfect combination.

  2. Oh. My. God! He is just a love! One of these days, I will have to get a small dog. Even when Nitro was three-months old I couldn’t pick him up 🙂 He’s a lucky little guy in his new castle.

    1. You know I was a big dog person until Ozzie and Harry broke my rib on a walk …now Archie is my hulk at 50lbs…Teddy and Bogey are the littlest pups I’ve ever had..

  3. Oh Lord, but this baby is precious! I love how he’s making the kingdom his own, and cozying up to the King, well, what can I say, “Mama didn’t raise no fool.” Now if he could just find that darned scepter, he’d be golden…. 😉 Give that little nugget a *big* squeeze for me!! xoxo, l

  4. Dear Sir Bogart,

    First, let me tell you how incredibly handsome and adorable you are; you will melt the hearts of many, and I am sure your brothers may be just a wee bit jealous. Be patient with them, they will soon come to realize your greatness.

    I am proud of your progress in food-finding and well, of course, the not so regent, peeing. But, it is a fact of life, a hurdle that must be overcome, and it sounds like you are well on your way to great success!

    My advice to you, be gentle with the Queen’s toes; for while it seems that sucking up to the King is a path to sure and solic success in the kingdom, always bear in mind that you must always please the lady of the castle.

    A snuggly farewell,

    1. Dear Aunt BonBon,
      Whilst the Queen has echoed the same sentiments – with the utmost passion and sincerity – I find that the King employs the word ‘no’ with far less frequency, delighting in my every antic with little resolve to disabuse me of my mischief (case in point – he thinks it’s adorable when I nibble on his hair; the Queen uses words like “Ouch” or worse still – puts me down!). Truth be told, I was unable to keep the streak going (pun intended) and graced the kitchen floor once today (the good Queen immediately assumes guilt and responsibility though, whisking me outside with remorse that she didn’t pick up on my cue).
      That said, I will try and heed your wise counsel re her toes, for it is quite apparent that she really, really REALLY doesn’t like it when I teethe on them…With many puppy licks and the most gentlemanly of bow wows, Sir Bogey

      1. Dear Sir Bogey,

        I see that we are on a nickname basis, I love how our relationship has progressed, so far. I am humbled by your bow wows. Seems you are gifted in many areas. I presumed as much. And you are wise for your puppy years, heeding my advice, it will take you far in this glorious kingdom you are so lucky to call home.

        I trust that today’s little mishap is just all part of the process, and I am sure that the (very) good Queen will be at her famously gracious and forgiving best when those little lapses occur.

        I do maintain my position though, that while the good King may seem to be your ticket to treats and easy street, let’s be careful to not lose sight of true royalty and kiss THOSE toes!

        Bogey, you show great promise and I have utmost confidence in you!

        Aunt BonBon

      2. Dearest Aunt BonBon,
        I adore you already…and I will certainly take your counsel to heart – though I make no promises – it wouldn’t be prudent..snuggles and licks, Bogey

  5. heehee–I have my girls here, too, and they are now the ones drooling. Who doesn’t love a puppy? 🙂 Sir B is especially adorable. And exceedingly smart and literate as well!

    1. I am impressed with his writing skills too – who knew an 8 week old puppy could string together some sentences? Clearly he’s just months away from grad school – but he has to get the potty thing down first.

  6. Can we hear more from sir bogey? Becoming part of a team is such a difficult task..but he is doing exceedingly well! Please tell him his aunt is so very proud…maybe he could give lessons to cousin ruby…she still thinks if she’s present, then there is nothing more important!

    1. Hi Aunt Susan!! I’m doing ok, but mom is a little surprised that I’m being so stubborn in the potty-training area. Dad forgives me everything – and you know what a shocker that is!! I can’t wait to meet you (and Benny and Ruby too). I’m not sure I can teach my cousin anything just yet – she has the cute thing down to a science, and that’s pretty much what I specialize in at the moment…oxox

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