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Update From Under The Round Table

Well the past thirty-six hours have been a bit tiring, but the Sirs are slowly beginning to accept the interloper who is desperately seeking membership.  Personally I think he’s trying a little too hard, but I’m sure that his canine brothers would disagree.   We are succeeding at the whole ‘going potty’ thing (with a couple of exceptions), the crate experience and following the King around like a dutiful royal subject.  Our days look like this…

We play…


Everyone gets a little territorial – as in, ‘he will NOT share my seat that the table’


We get sleepy


We pass out


And so it goes…And as soon as this little guy gives me a few moments, I will write about something else entirely..


35 thoughts on “Update From Under The Round Table”

  1. Looks like it’s even *more* exhausting being a puppy! 😉 I love, love, love the ‘passed out’ photo. Isn’t it fun how puppies do *everything* with ALL their hearts? 🙂 And the Sirs, well, they’re looking a wee bit dubious about this latest knight…..

    1. Dubious is kind…and given that they were both ‘interlopers’ when they arrived, you’d think they’d be a little more understanding..xo

  2. absolutely adorable ^^_^ such a gorgeous pup thank you for sharing with us i really should take more pictures of ozboz but right now i am exhausted also so have a lovely day my gorgeous mims and all the gorgeous pups ( no matter how big i still call them pup my other dog is an 18 yr old greyhound and i still call her pup) loves you mims xx

  3. Yep got a new kitty this spring myself. Forgot all about the activity. It took 2 weeks for my other cats to accept her. She was meek and submissive then. Now she’s a holy terror and they routinely discipline her with a gentle smack on the head. Can’t imagine life without her and I’m sure you are at the same spot.

  4. Oh my goodness! I can hardly stand that little face!!! What an absolute love-bug, you can keep writing about him!! They say ‘god is love’. I say, Bogey is love! 🙂 xoxo

  5. sooo cute – thanks for sharing the photos – I sit here in Swiss with a big smile and a happy heart – wishing for a dog 🙂 and thankful that such a simple thing as a photo can make people happy…

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