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Monday Morning


This morning, one of our local weather forecasters said, “Today will be remembered for being very bright..”.  I found this very insulting to the other days of the week.  Certainly yesterday was exceptionally bright too.  And for all I know Tuesday will be just as intelligent.  Clearly this woman has a glaring bias (pun intended), and it concerns me that Tuesday through Sunday will remain forever undervalued and seen as somewhat dim.

In the climate workplace, I would say that the other days of the week have a credible claim of discrimination.

Ironically, the news stations here have decided that doppler radar images and assorted predictive computer applications really don’t serve the public as well as .. a window.  So now the forecasters have an outdoor set with lots of cameras, and they give the weather report from there.  “Look at the sun rise”, “It’s a cool morning – have the kids where a jacket if they’re waiting for the school bus”…I think I would like a job where I can stand outside and speak the obvious and/or provide a seven-day outlook with confidence –  and be wrong half the time.  How comforting to be able to shrug one’s shoulders and blame an unforeseen dip in the jet stream for any errors and remain employed.  I could do this job well.

Yet as Mondays go, this one is pretty spectacular.  Certainly far too cool and clear to be inside, so the Sirs and I are bracing for a serious nature walk.  I’ll be breathing deep and feeling the sun tickle my skin; the Sirs will be marking every tree as we go, crisscrossing their leashes around my legs with thoughtless abandon, oblivious to the beauty around them and the precarious position in which I am being placed.  I have no worries though, for I have been assured, that today is very bright.  With that kind of wisdom around me, I feel pretty sure I won’t fall over my feet.




41 thoughts on “Monday Morning”

  1. Your words, and your wit, with the accompanying photo have me in stitches. And, as always, with your wisdom I agree. Have a beautiful day, Mimi, and enjoy your walk in the warm sunshine. It is a glorious day.

      1. I start with the bathroom renos on the first of October. It’s going to be like “Hell Week(s)” so I definitely feel your pen and love that you used humor to dissipate it. Wishing you more perfect days to end the month and begin the next. ❤

      2. I think I meant to type feel your pain, but must have arthritically typed it wrong and my genius computer decided I’d like to feel your pen instead. 🙂

      3. That’s one of the many reasons we are friends. We share nicely. ❤ Thanks kiddo. Hope to borrow your pen soon.

    1. Well BonBon, fair is fair (pun intended again)..and you know how Mondays can get – lauding it all over the other days, ‘my weather forecaster likes me better, nyah nyah’..I hate that kind of rivalry…xoxo

      1. Me too, me too! Not much heart here for rivalry. Mondays do seem to carry an added burden, though, of being a bit more hated than the rest of ’em so I give them a little added sympathy for their isolating experience 🙂 xoxo

  2. ANY day that has YOU in it is bound to be sparkling, sweet friend! 🙂 But thanks for clearing things up for me–I was a little foggy on how those prognostications worked… 😉 xoxo

  3. You are so funny and fun! Who but you would have thunk it? I too use my window…and usually with far better results than my tv screen. Hope you and the sirs thoroughly enjoyed your nature walk, and even more so, hope you stayed on your feet!

    1. Well we stayed on our feet – and are first getting out now..We had the plumber visiting our house today and he is finally gone. Four new toilets though – and none of them overflow…yay..xox

      1. The Sirs got their wiggles out in the front yard and are now out playing in the back..I’m on the porch with a glass of wine and twelve cases of undying appreciation..xox

      2. Oh, sometimes they don’t. I can sing the blues with the best of them. But right now? In this moment? It’s all a gift Rhoni and I am well advised to treasure it so that I never take such wonderfulness for granted..xox

      1. Thanks my friend. On my way to the GYM and it is only 5:54 in the morning…ha ha. Have a super day. 🙂 Renee

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