And now you will understand why I find Simon so incredible – in his spirit, his heart and the love he has for faith.

Simon Marsh

I HAD A LOVELY CONVERSATION with a visitor to our quiet, largely empty church this morning. It was a conversation that confirmed all that I believe to be true about our human need for “space” – religious space for some, but for most just plain space. “God, I’m glad you’re OPEN, Father. I just needed some space.” I’ve heard that sentence not once but thousands of times over the years. “I just needed some space”.

St Michael’s offers plenty of space. Uncluttered, tidy, minimalist – one might say. A beautiful, striking work of art, old and new. “Wow! Look at all this space”.

I felt like that when I visited the magisterial (and at that time still incomplete) Liverpool Cathedral as a small boy. One of the most visceral experiences of God I’ve ever had, by then in my early thirties, involved the late and very great Carlo Curley playing…

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  1. Yes, I understand. And, I think I will refer to his blog often over the next few weeks keeping in my heart his words filled with certainty, compassion and awareness because they now have touched my soul as well. Thanks for sharing Mimi.

  2. Thanks to your reblog I am now following Simon’s blog. I didn’t need to read more than this one post to know that I want Simon’s spirit, heart, and wisdom in my life. Thank you, dear Mimi.


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