This is a scary exercise in some ways…so be careful what you’re asking yourself!!! But I tried it…and once I let go fo what I thought the answer should be and just flipped the coin, I was surprised at the result. Happy Monday everyone!

MissUnderstood Genius


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    1. You too Tina – and I was afraid to do it too, but it really is a simple way to get at what you really want, without any filters..:-) Enjoy your day!!

  1. Can I borrow a nickel? hehe don’t think flipping my bank card will work quite as well, but in a pinch, I’ll try it. Morning Mimi…have a great one!

      1. What generosity! And I’d love to! And hey, my son is moving to Virginia shortly…Lynchburg….I know, not close to you, but I will can travel BY you! One day Mim…you and me…mano e mano. lol

      2. Bring it on baby!! I would LOVE to see you!!! True, Lynchburg isn’t close, but you could stop on your way down!!

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