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Lighten Up Tuesday

I spoke to my husband for the first time twenty-one years ago today (or yesterday, I’m not the best with dates).  Long story short – I had just stepped on a bee, the boys were running around like Max in his wolf suit times two, dinner was burning and the phone rang.  After explaining that it wasn’t really a great time to talk, he asked what I was doing later in the week.  My response? “Nothing much”  His response?  “I’ll be out-of-town for the rest of the week”.  In my head I was yelling “then why the hell did you just ask me what I was doing all week?”, but I let it slide – my foot was swelling, we clearly weren’t going to get past this conversation and someone, anyone needed to go into time out.

Needless to say we spoke a lot while he was away and upon his return.  We’re coming up on twenty years of marriage – a stunning number to me.  He will tell you that I still have a pair of sneakers in the garage in case I need to run away; I will tell you that he can still tune me out better than anyone I’ve ever known.  We’re both right and we’re both wrong.  He lets me keep the sneakers outside so I feel I have the choice; I don’t press to be listened to unless I really need his attention.  We make each other crazy and we keep each other sane.  At the risk of cliché – we may not light up the sky, but we try to remember that we are here to light each other’s way.  And that’s pretty damn wonderful.   I hope your day is very well-lit and warmed with love  – as corny as that may be.  Happy Tuesday all..


17 thoughts on “Lighten Up Tuesday”

  1. Certainly familiar with “the running shoe” phenomenon. 😉 You’re both clearly blessed, Mimi, and the best part is, you know it. 🙂 A wonderful Tuesday to you!

  2. Good morning my friend!! It’s a gloomy, rainy morning here in DC. I hope it’s a cloudless clear morning ‘up North’. I am SO glad you get my running shoes – and now that I know you do, I can be your voice of reason as you get closer to your own wedding (should you need it)!!! 🙂 We are blessed and we do know it thankfully – most of the time (what can I say, all of the time is just unrealistic and doesn’t take into account the times we drive each other nuts!) have a terrific day!

  3. And those who count their blessings will always be rich. How “karmatic” that your journey has led you to this moment of celebration with the enticement of many more to come on the horizon. The two of year together; “that’s the way it should be”. (Bye Bye Birdie, circa 1963). Happy Anniversary to both of you! Sent with much love ❤

    1. Thank you sweetie – though I was just referencing the anniversary of our first conversation. We didn’t get married until August..yes, I was being a romantic fool… 🙂 Funny though…yes, that’s the way it should be. xox

  4. It really is (ok, for the most part – some days I’m sure we want to throttle each other, but it’s all a part of a pretty awesome union!)

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